Baby/ Toddlers Room

Small toddler or a baby child playing with puzzle shapes on a low table in a colorful children room in a nursery or preschool.

Our baby room is open from 7.30 am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We offer a comforting environment which includes soothing music and nurturing childcare. We have a wide variety of experiences for the babies to explore as part of our open floor area which will help to broaden their learning and development. A baby yoga session is available to help with their gross/fine motor skills. Free settling in sessions are available to help your child adapt to the nursery.

The baby room has CCTV at all times. As part of the room we have a quiet sleeping area with wooden cots and music to help soothe and relax the babies to sleep. Each baby has a labelled basket for any personal comforters, dummies and a clean sheet and blanket for their use when sleeping. Our babies can use our highchairs or table and chairs at meal times to help aid their development and growing needs. The nappy changing area is part of our room and all nappies and individual creams are labelled with the child’s name and stored in their own labelled basket for use when required.

We have a construction area which includes blocks for building, cars for rolling and pushing. Our sensory area helps stimulate the babies in play with a variety of books, musical instruments and sensory toys. Our role play area offers the babies to interact with dolls and their beds including cooking in the kitchen. As part of the creative area the babies will explore different textures, messy play and sticking.  The outdoor garden area is also available for the babies to visit throughout the day.

Termly workshops are available for parents relating to weaning, toilet training and healthy eating.

  • 6th October 2016
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