Pre-school Room – 3 years-5 years


The preschool room is open between 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday and has CCTV available at all times. The preschool room has full day sessions, morning sessions from 7.30am- 12.30pm or an afternoon session from 1.00pm until 4.00pm for the grant children. The preschool room has a daily routine which helps the children to prepare for school. Free settling in sessions are available to help your child adapt to attending nursery.

The preschool room promotes self-registration and has a circle time at each session which allows the children time to get to know the other children within the room. At this time discussions are made in relation to the days of the week, the date, how many children are at nursery today as well as the weather today. The children are encouraged to participate in this activity.

Children have breakfast, lunch, snack and tea at the tables where they will self- serve their individual dinner using our child friendly kitchen area situated within the room, this helps with children’s independence and helps to prepare them for school staff are on hand for supervision and help if needed. Drinks are available for the children to help themselves throughout the day.

The preschool room has sand and water available every day for the children to share and interact with the other children helping with their social skills. The creative area is designed to allow the children to experiment with textures as part of their play and enable them to expand on their sensory learning using a variety of materials and media. The mathematics area helps the children to enhance their counting, shapes, size and patterns when using the jigsaws. Literacy allows the children to develop their letters and sounds as well as book reading. The small world area helps the children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by having access to a variety of animals, trains and people in the community. The role play area stimulates the interactive play with children having to socialize while playing with the dolls and dressing up. Cooking the dinner or just playing house. The book corner allows for quiet reading allowing the children to rest and enjoy some time to have some independent time. The large garden area is available for play throughout the day allowing the children to burn off excess energy and explore the great outdoors in all weather conditions. The children will have the opportunity to use the mud kitchen experimenting with different media, planting herbs and vegetables and watching them grow, then to pick them and taste them within the room. The swing and slide helps with co-ordination and gross motor skills. Sand and water is also available. The role play, reading and mathematics areas all help with communication and social skills expanding on the children’s knowledge of the world and their community.

As part of the EYFS some of the activities within the preschool room are child led while others are planned activities so as to start to prepare the children going to school and ensuring that each child’s individual developmental needs are met fully as per the guidelines.

Toilets are available to children throughout the day and children are encouraged to use the correct hygiene throughout the day.

Termly workshops are available for parents relating to getting your child ready for school.

  • 6th October 2016
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