Toddler’s 2 years-3 years Room

Kinder und Erzieherin spielen zusammen mit Bausteinen im Kindergarten

Our toddler room is open from 7.30 am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday and has CCTV at all times. The toddler room is a fun and exciting room for social interaction, creative play, story time as well as activities to improve co-ordination and dexterity. A yoga session is available to help with fine/gross motor skills.

We have a simple daily routine to help the children settle into the room as quickly as possible. The toddler room has a role play area in which the children can experiment with cooking meals, playing with the babies and going for walks with the pushchairs or putting the babies to bed. We also have dress ups available to help with their social skills. The creative area gives to children the opportunity to expand on their fine motor skills with writing and drawing or using the paints or glue to make a special masterpiece to take home. The small world area helps the children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by having access to a variety of animals, trains and people in the community. The construction area helps the children to develop their gross motor skills by building towers with blocks and using the cars to build roads just to start.  The large garden area is available for play throughout the day.

The toddlers also have the opportunity to sleep after lunch on the beds within the room. Each child has a labelled basket with a sheet, blanket and any comforters that are needed. Toddlers as required can be encouraged to start toilet training within the room.

Termly workshops are available for parents relating to toilet training and healthy eating.

  • 6th October 2016
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